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...where we place the rich Nigerian heritage and cultural diversity on the palms of millions of people globally thus resonating positive image for Nigeria.

“OUR NAIJA 360” is a digital platform conceptualized for the utilization of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to leap-frog cyber-tourism in Nigeria. It is being co-produced by National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) and Global Innovation Learning Lab (GILL).

NIHOTOUR is a federal government agency with the core mission to provide innovative world class manpower capacity building that enables the entrenchment of quality driven professionals that meets global best practices in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Global Innovation Learning Lab (GILL) is a social enterprise in the dynamic business of Innovation Strategy Development. GILL help organisations and communities create outcome-driven innovations that solve problems, grow enterprises and impact communities

Cyber Tourism uses virtual reality technology to transport the user to completely different places. Cyber Tourism can lead to actual tourism, therefore functioning as a marketing device, but it can also be an activity in and of itself where available resources, like time and money, might limit the places or number of places you want to see.

The new technology may be able to offer a comparable alternative that are not restricted by “time, distance, cost and human frailty”, causing the tourism industry to worry about the blur between reality and fantasy in relation to accepted paradigms of tourism operations.

It is our strong belief that for sustainable tourism development to take place, the human capital which is the bedrock of the industry must be produced in quality, range and number consistent with international best practices. Therefore, NIHOTOUR is instituting a Certificate Course on “Virtual Reality for Hospitality and Tourism” to train Nigerians to take advantage of the growing cyber-tourism sector.

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